• How do I view videos?

    All videos are offered as streamable web videos. Downloads are not possible.

  • What internet speed do I need?

    We recommend to use at least a 2 MBit connection.

  • How do I download images?

    Please be sure to download the zip files to your local drive with right click and "Save as". After that unzip them for your viewing pleasure. Alternatively images are offered as galleries to enjoy them in your browser.

  • Will I get my money back if I do not like the content?

    Due to the nature of memberships and / or downloads no money will be reimbursed, nor can any files be exchanged. Further check if your system can play videos and your hardware/internet connection is correct. You are responsible that your order is correct before submitting it and initiating the payment transaction.

  • What is a collection?

    Sometimes an update contains both images and video. These contents are gathered in a collection, so it may contain a mixture of both media types. In simple words a collection is ‘one update’.

  • What will appear on my credit card statement when I pay per credit card?

    You will find an entry named “, Wilnsdorf” or “” on your credit card bill

  • I lost my download link after I bought collections. How do I recover it?

    Go to Shopmaker and write them. Please include the name of the collections you bought and when you bought them!

  • I produce or own a lot of videos or pictures. Can I have my own shop?

    Of course you can do! Please go to Shopmaker and drop them an email!